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Chuong Trinh Ca Nhac Hai Huoc Mtv 5 - Ve Mien Tay 2
Catalog ID: DVD20953
Media Format: DVD
Production: Rainbow
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Date Added: 11/11/2007
Customer Reviews
Average Customer Rating: 2.6 Based on 5 Current Reviews.
11/01/2007     Rating: 1 of 5 Stars! [1 of 5 Stars!]     Posted by John T. Tran from IP
Oh, great, I totally forgot to say one more thing. I will get to eat American, Mexican, and Euopean foods, because it's extremely delicous, not like those Asain foods (I hate it because it's very disgusting, horrible, unpleasant, and unflavorable!) That's all I'm going to say, stupid, and don't you dare put too much hatrism and malign aggainst me like h***, you d*** idiots and traitors!
11/01/2007     Rating: 1 of 5 Stars! [1 of 5 Stars!]     Posted by John T. Tran from IP
And oh, I almost forgot. I'm also going to speak German, too.
11/01/2007     Rating: 1 of 5 Stars! [1 of 5 Stars!]     Posted by John T. Tran from IP
No, stupid! Saigon is not that beautiful anymore, especially around towns in Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, and the rest of the Asian countries at all. I really hate those Asian cultures, customs, and traditions, especially Buddhist religion, beacuse it makes feel so annoying in this way. I feel the way once I'm going to rebel now and I want to get out. But I still loved United States of America, Canada, Australia, Mexico, France, England and Britain (United Kingdom), Germany, Italy, Spain, and all the rest of the European countries, because they had the very beautiful towns and cultures for me to live forever, and oh, I really loved the American musics (like rock and roll), movies, TV shows, news, magazines, books, and all kinds of variety European things to see, not those Vietnamese musics, especially Vietnmaese ones (becuase they sounded boring, worst, and stupid!) And by the way, I maybe Vietnamese-American, but I still want to be a hippie and live in the American way of life. Also, I'm a Christian, not a Buddhist, because I do beleive in Jesus Christ, not Buddhist, even though Buddhist has those false teachings, okay?! Even though I will get to rebel and offend those Asian cultures, I will be a traitor against them, beacuse I don't even trust those native Vietnamese people, especially Asians who were born in their own homeland, because they are stubborn enough, refused to speak English, and not giving up all their own Asain cultures, and anyway, they are nothing but those total haters and traitors as the communists, because they don't even trust us who lived in the American and European world, even thoughthey hated us. And finally, I'm going to speak and sing only English, French, Spanish, Italian, Hawaiian, and all kinds of European languages, but I really hate espeaking Chinese, Vietnamese any kinds of Asian languages, okay? Because those are the worst and stupid languages ever! GET OVER IT, D*** IT!
01/31/2007     Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]     Posted by Nam Tran from IP
Hello, xin chao. Toi ten la Nam Tran, goi tu California. Toi da xem qua DVD Rainbow Ve Mien Tay 2. Chuong trinh rat dac sac va mang tinh chat que huong va van hoa. Gia dinh Toi rat thich Rainbow Entertainment. Toi rat thich Thai Chau, Elvis Phuong va Nhu Y. Nhu Y rat dep va dien xuat rat hay. Trong DVD moi nay, Toi thay co su xuat hien cua ca si moi ten Thanh Phuong. Khong ngo co ta sang day luc con nho ma giong hat que huong dieu luyen qua. Toi chua he thay ca si nay xuat hien o dau qua. Ca si Thanh Phuong la mot tai nang tre cho nen am nhac tai hai ngoai. Doc dang va mat cua Thanh Phuong rat giong nghe si Thanh Nga. Nhung tai sao ca si Thanh Phuong chi duoc hat co 1 bai, ma con song ca nua. Toi hy vong Trung Tam co the cho Thanh Phuong hat 2 bai trong DVD toi. Khong biet Thanh Phuong bao nhieu tuoi, Toi doan chac khoang 21 hay 22 tuoi. Gia dinh va ban be Toi ai cung khen ca si Thanh Phuong nay het, vi co rat dep va giong hat rat hay. Co^ co tai dien xuat rat tot. I LOVE THANH PHUONG and NHU Y!
01/18/2007     Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]     Posted by Chu Hung from IP
I really like this video. It's great! Toi rat la thich nhung hoat canh, goi lai tinh que huong. Nhat la nhung canh que huong. Canh rat la live! Co rat nhieu ca si noi tieng. Toi thay co mot ca si moi ten Thanh Phuong. Co rat la tre trung, duyen dang, va co mot giong hat rat hay va ddieu luyen. Khong biet cuon sap toi co' Thanh Phuong khong. Co`n Nhu Y' rat la dep va an anh. Con nhung MC nen thay doi lai. Hinh anh thi okay. Nhung Toi thay may cuon DVD roi, MC dieu giong nhau va de tai giong nhau qua. Chang co gi thay doi.
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